One of the most frequent questions we’re asked about purchasing an Abbey Casket is: “How does this all work?” Whether you’re purchasing at the time of need or preplanning for yourself or a loved one, the process is simple.

FTC Funeral Rule

According to the Funeral Rule adopted by the Federal Trade Commission, you can purchase a casket or cremation urn anywhere and have it delivered to your funeral home. The funeral home cannot charge any additional fees for receiving or handling the casket. You’re also not required to be on site when the casket or urn is delivered. However, most funeral homes will not store a casket ahead of time due to storage limitations.


Ordering an Abbey Casket or cremation urn is simple. If you’re purchasing for a loved one who has died or planning for yourself, you can visit our website to review all of our products and pricing. You can easily order our cremation urns and keepsake crosses online. However, because of the delivery details, ordering a casket must be done calling us at (800) 987-7380.


If you’re preplanning your casket purchase, you can fill out our Prepay Order Form to start the process. The whole process can be done through the mail or via email. You do not have to have arrangements through a funeral home before prepaying for your Abbey Casket. At the time of death, the casket is delivered directly to your funeral home.


Abbey Caskets keeps an ample inventory of caskets and cremation urns. If you prepay for your casket or call at the time of need, your style of casket will be readily available to be delivered to your funeral home.


At the time of death, your family or funeral home will contact us to make delivery arrangements. The casket will then be delivered to your funeral home. Abbey Caskets works with many different shipping companies to ensure the casket is delivered on time.

Planning a funeral can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. However, the process of ordering a casket or cremation urn can be one part of the experience that’s handled quickly, compassionately, and easily. Contact us today with any questions!

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