I frequently have customers ask how quickly we can get a casket to the funeral home. We keep all of our caskets in stock so they are ready for immediate delivery.

When we receive an order for a casket, we contact our shipping companies to find out who has the quickest transit time. We can deliver our caskets to many locations the next day with our common carrier freight companies. Sometimes we need to air freight the casket for next-day delivery to the East or West coasts.

We also have dependable express drivers who will deliver a casket anywhere it needs to go. This makes deliveries on weekend and holidays possible, since many common carriers don’t deliver on weekend and holidays.

We use our own delivery vehicle to deliver to funeral homes in the local and regional area.

Abbey Caskets guarantees on-time delivery. We make sure our customers and their families don’t have to worry about whether the casket will arrive in time.


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