Abbey Caskets guarantees on-time delivery. We make sure our customers and their families do not have to worry about whether the casket will arrive in time.

We will ship the casket or urn directly to you or to the funeral home of your choice.

Caskets being shipped throughout Indiana and surrounding states are delivered within 1-2 business days by Abbey Caskets or common carrier. Standard shipping and handling are included in the price of the casket to Indiana and surrounding states.

Nationwide casket delivery by common carrier is available. Delivery outside of Indiana and surrounding states is subject to a premium charge. Contact us at 800.987.7380 or email us at for details on transit times for your area.

We also have dependable express drivers who will deliver a casket nationwide. This makes deliveries on weekends and holidays possible, since many common carriers will only deliver on business days.

We use our own delivery vehicle to deliver to funeral homes in the local and regional area.

To order your casket or cremation urn, call 800.987.7380, email or visit

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