Abbey Caskets offers the option of prepaying for your Abbey Casket. But what if you change your mind and want a refund?

When the contract to prepay for your casket is signed, the funds are refundable for 45 days. So if you decide, within 45 days, you want a different casket or no casket at all, we can easily return your money to you. After 45 days, the contract is irrevocable, meaning the funds cannot be returned.

However, even though the funds are irrevocable after 45 days, they are still transferrable. If you would decide that you want to buy a casket through your local funeral home or another casket company, we can transfer the money. You would need to discuss the transfer with the funeral home or casket company to see if they are willing to accept the funds. All the money, including any interest, would be transferred.

If there is a situation where the person who purchased the contract dies but a body is not found, i.e. a fire, drowning, etc., the funds can be refunded to the estate of the deceased if a casket is not delivered.

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