Be prepared for tomorrow by planning today

Abbey Caskets offers an easy prepay option that allows you to lock in your price and rest assured your wishes will be met. Prepaying for your Abbey Casket offers many advantages.

  • Choose precisely what you want in terms of style, wood and finish
  • Ensure your wishes will be carried out
  • “Lock-in” today’s prices, avoiding future increases
  • Relieve your loved ones from some of the funeral planning burdens
  • Find comfort in knowing your casket will be available for delivery at the time of need
  • Complete the process over the phone or by email in just a few short minutes

Your casket purchase will be funded by purchasing an insurance funded trust through the National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL) of Madison, WI. This provides the greatest protection of your funds.  When Abbey Caskets is notified of your death, your fully paid casket will be delivered to the funeral home or other location of your choice.

To prepay for your casket, complete the form below and we will send you the contract to sign and return to complete the purchase.