Our spiritual connection

Each Abbey Casket and urn receives a blessing from Archabbot Kurt Stasiak, OSB. This special blessing is just one way for Saint Meinrad to spiritually connect with you, the families that we serve. Know that our community continues to pray for you long after the casket or urn has been delivered.

The blessing is a way to stay connected with the monks and for the monks to stay connected with those who purchase our caskets and urns to also ensure them that we continue to pray for them and that our relationship doesn’t end just because the casket or the urn has been delivered.

We would like to continue our relationship, a spiritual relationship and connection with the people so that they can stay connected to us and pray for us even as we’ve prayed for them. The blessing then becomes a kind of connector, spiritual connector for the two of us, our community, and for those who purchase our urns and caskets.

–Fr. Adrian Burke, OSB