When friends or loved ones are dealing with a painful loss, it’s often a struggle to find the right words of comfort. We may be afraid of saying too little … or too much … and sometimes the sad result is that we repress our instinct to reach out and instead say almost nothing at all.

Abbey Caskets has a suggestion for a resource that can help you at these difficult times: CareNotes.

CareNotes, created and printed here at Saint Meinrad, provides a large selection of booklets to help people deal with grieving, bereavement and other topics through prayer, reflection and sharing.

There are CareNotes on subjects like learning to live alone after the death of a spouse, how to deal with losing a parent, getting through the first few weeks or months after a loss, and dealing with loss during special occasions.

Some titles in the CareNotes series are designed to help children deal with death. Others address how to handle feelings of anger, stress or anxiety. Some discuss what we should know about cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Still others help parents guide their young children in making healthy life choices, and their teenagers in dealing with the challenges of these sometimes-difficult years.

When struggling though difficult times, people truly want to find comfort, perhaps most of all when they don’t know how. CareNotes can be a hand to hold through those difficult days. You can see the entire collection of CareNotes on their website.

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