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Mom picked out her casket – she wanted an Abbey casket from the first time she saw one. The Abbey service then and at the time of ordering one for her was great.

She wanted an Abbey casket
Mark for Loretta Kurzendoerfer

Thank you for your assistance in ordering a casket for my mother. Although I’ve heard about them for years, I hadn’t seen one of the Abbey Caskets (that I know of). What we ordered and you delivered exceeded our expectations. Other family members were very pleased when we saw the casket at our meeting prior to the funeral. “Simple and sacred” and beautifully constructed. The added touch of the plaque on the end really adds the perfect touch. Please convey my thanks to those whose skills and care go into the caskets. It made such a difference to us to have the Abbey connection at this time, especially the prayer support.

Simple and Sacred
Margaret Bradbury

We received many positive comments about the beautiful, but simple monk’s casket in natural poplar that we ordered for Jim. The priest even commented on its beauty during his Mass homily. Abbey Caskets customer service could not have been more comforting during this very difficult time.

Many positive comments
Laura Roberts

Sadly, I purchased 2 items within 6 months — and urn for my mother-in-law and a casket for my husband! On both occasions, I was very satisfied with the care which your representatives attended my needs. Each purchase went well from initial ordering to delivery. The items themselves are beautifully made. What a blessing to have a specially made casket and urn for each of my loved ones! May God bless your wonderful work.

What a blessing…
Anne Julian

The casket was beautiful and perfect for my husband, John. He was an outdoorsman. He loved to fish and hunt. We thought it looked like a boat and most everyone agreed. We loved the wood and the crosses. I have mine hanging where I see it often. Thank you for blessing the casket and the additional prayers. That means a lot to us.

Perfect for my husband
Janice Engle

Abbey Caskets manufactures a high quality product with great efficiency and timeliness. The caskets are produced with great craftsmanship. They are beautiful, yet simplistic. My parents toured the monastery many years ago and it was such a memorable visit that they decided to preorder each of their caskets. This saved us from guesswork about what they wanted and made the process much easier after each of them passed.

Beautiful, yet simplistic
Mary Jo Snow

Dear Abbey Caskets, Your caring staff, craftsmanship, and before and after support was a God send. My entire family is so impressed with your service and ministry. Thanking God for you.

Thanking God for you
Karen Paxton

Abbey Caskets made everything easy for me when a decision had to be made for a casket purchase for my husband. From the call to them when he was in hospice, to the actual day I had to order. Everything went smoothly and the kindness I was given was comforting during that very difficult time. So many people commented on the beauty and simplicity of the casket, which just affirmed I had made the best choice for my beloved.

Made the best choice
Mrs. Beth Heigl

I was pleased already with the quality of service we had received. But when the funeral home called to let me know the casket had been damaged on shipping, it only took one quick phone call and you took care of it. I later learned that someone volunteered to personally drive the new casket all the way to VA. I’m very grateful.

I’m very grateful
Joseph Lyons

I really liked it. The quality and craftsmanship was superb. I liked the dark color of the stain. A lot of the men ask me where we got it. Simple but elegant. It arrived the next day at the funeral home and they told me how good it had been packed for shipment. Thank you.

Simple but elegant
Mary E. Hirschfeld

Our family had learned about Abbey Caskets from a previous friend’s funeral and were impressed by the quality of the casket. We decided at that point we would be purchasing caskets from Abbey. We never thought our 1st purchase would be for an infant. We bought the casket sight unseen. We were not disappointed. Thank you.

Impressed by the Quality
Frank Marino

Every person I talked to at Abbey Caskets was very polite and professional, yet sympathetic. All calls were returned promptly, and even though we had a complicated order that changed several times, all items delivered were correct. The craftsmanship was fantastic. Thank you A.C.

Polite and professional
Elmer Schepers Family

We were very satisfied with the service we received. The casket was beautiful. The removable cross with corpus will be forever cherished.

Forever cherished
Mary Terese Wombold

We have received 2 caskets this year from you all. We love the craftsmanship of them and the caring, loving way that you follow up. We know the caskets are made by caring people. Thanks for all the literature you send too. We highly recommend you all to everyone.

Made by caring people
Sally A. Sensing

My parents have ordered these for themselves. Dad passed away almost 2 years ago. When my nephew was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer he wanted one just like his granddad. So now he has. Very beautiful and simple.

Very beautiful and simple
Rosiland Mitchel and Kathleen Gatewood

My father, Robert Kilgore , passed away August 31. While he was in hospice care we started to prepare for the inevitable. My mother mentioned she and Dad visited Saint Meinrad and became aware of Abbey Caskets. Dad thought they were carefully and beautifully made and as an engineer, gave his sign of approval. That was our sign to order an Abbey Casket. The process was simple and the casket was beautiful. It was reassuring to know the care and professionalism that went into the casket manufacturing.

Ordering was simple
Kathy Elliot

Excellent workmanship, excellent service, compassion, beautiful casket. The Dealing with Loss prayer has been a great help to me.

Excellent workmanship
Raymond E. Campbell

You provided superb design and craftsmanship with highly considerate costs and service. Thank you for easing a difficult time in our lives.

Superb design
Richard A. Scott

My brother and I chose Abbey Caskets for our father. Mainly because he was a kind gentle man and we felt an Abbey Casket was appropriate. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and craftsmanship of the walnut casket. Many positive compliments by funeral attendees. We made the right choice and know Dad would have been happy with our choice.

Many positive compliments
Lisa Livesay

I purchased the Companion urn in cherry wood with dark cherry stain. It was delivered the following day. How beautiful it is and very well made! I am so happy we chose an urn from Abbey Caskets. The phone representative was patient, kind and knowledgeable. Delivery was swift. The urn is beautiful in its simplicity. Your service was outstanding!

Beautiful and very well made
Linda Puccini

Thank you so much for your caring compassion in helping me to select and purchase a cremation urn for my son, Jeff, recently.  No parent expects to lose a child, but when we do, there is tremendous pain and sorrow involved.  Ms. Teresa Dilger was especially patient with my questions, and very kind and compassionate in helping me to make a choice, and to process the transaction.  Jeff’s urn arrived only a few days later, and it is very well crafted, and an appropriately beautiful resting place for my son.  In addition to the care taken to produce such a beautiful, hand-crafted urn, even the packaging and delivery were very well thought out as the sturdy packaging provided superb protection so that the urn arrived undamaged.  The very compassionate Care Notes pamphlets enclosed with the urn are comforting, and add a personal touch at an extremely sensitive time.

Kind and compassionate
Jessica Ansley

The quality of the urn was very lovely with excellent construction. The crucifix on the top was beautiful. The urn was simple and beautiful. We received comfort from the prayers for our loved one and greatly appreciated that. Thank you and God bless you.

Excellent construction
Claire Wong

At the time I ordered this urn we were pushed for time, the call was handled very professionally and with sincere compassion in our time of confusion and necessary decision making. We received our order the next day. The quality was beautiful. The service sincere! Our satisfaction beyond expectations. Thank you.

Quality was beautiful
Richard G. Flores

“Relieved my family of the burden”

Bob Maciel

“We prepaid to secure the cost before any price increase and to relieve heirs from having to make decisions.”

To relieve heirs from decision
Ronald E. Depasse

“I prepaid because I didn’t want my family to worry about it. There’s enough to take care of when there’s a death in the family.”

Didn’t want my family to worry
Naomi M. Brockman

“I prepaid to save nieces and nephews from them doing it. Also to have my wishes carried out”

My wishes carried out
Audrey M. Klamrowski

“I found (prepaying to be)…easy and convenient, very professional and supportive.”

Professional and supportive
Bob Maciel

“The process of prepaying was made very easy by reviewing the material sent to me by office personnel and viewing the web-site. Customer service was outstanding. Office personnel provided personal tour and answered all questions. Explained all procedure and cost.”

Customer service was outstanding
Ronald E. Depasse

“Very efficient and dependable handling of this purchase. Everything was done by phone and by mail – very easy! I’m not a computer person, so I was very happy it could be done in this manner.”

Efficient and dependable
Naomi Brockman