When dealing with the death of a loved one, those left behind can be overwhelmed by their grief, finding it difficult to focus on even the most routine tasks. Why leave them with the enormous challenge of hurriedly organizing your funeral?

By pre-planning your funeral, you are able to personalize your own farewell while sparing your loved ones many emotional and difficult decisions.

A good place to begin is simply getting a family member, friend or the executor of your estate a list of your important information, starting with the basics – your full name, place and date of birth, social security number, military service, and any preferences for organ donation. Then add the names and contact information for friends, business associates, attorneys, or other people to be notified; where to find your will; and any important financial information, such as the location of bank accounts, safety deposit boxes and life insurance policies.

Then think through the details of your funeral. List your preference for funeral home, burial or cremation, cemetery or crematorium, funeral or wake. If you want a memorial service or Mass, list any preferences for music or prayers. Include receipts or payment information for any services or products you have purchased for your funeral.

You could also choose your casket or cremation urn. If your choice is from Abbey Caskets – it can be delivered virtually anywhere overnight — you can be guaranteed today’s prices. Federal law requires that funeral homes use caskets bought elsewhere without any surcharge or handling fee.  

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