“I know this is gross…” “I know this is morbid…” “If I die…”

 One thing that all people have in common is the fact that someday we will die. It’s a part of living. From the moment we are born, we are dying. And yet it is one of the most difficult conversations to start and to have. Because we don’t want to face the fact that someday our mom, dad, sibling or child will no longer be with us, or us with them.

 But I hear daily from people who decide to begin planning for their funerals that they are so glad to be getting things organized. They say they want to get their affairs in order and then they won’t have to think about it anymore and their families will know what they want.

 And if you talk about death, it doesn’t mean you are going to die immediately. It’s not a “gross” or “morbid” subject to talk about. It is a natural part of life, albeit an uncomfortable topic. Wouldn’t you want to discuss it now while most people are healthy and not under stress or grieving?

 You may even find that your family wants to talk about death. There are many end-of-life decisions that will eventually need to be made. Not only funeral planning, but health care, living wills, estate matters or spiritual planning should be discussed. And the more information you have, the more prepared you can be.

 Yes, death is a difficult topic. Yes, it is hard to talk about. Yes, you will find comfort when the conversation is over, decisions have been made and you know what is expected when the time comes.

 So start the conversation.


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