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Frequently Asked Questions

Will funeral homes accept an Abbey Casket?
In 1994, the Federal Trade Commission ruled that funeral homes may not charge a surcharge or handling fee to those who wish to supply their own casket for funeral arrangements. Since that time, funeral homes have become accustomed to such arrangements. The Funeral Rule requires funeral homes to agree to use a casket you bought elsewhere. Request a free booklet, “Funerals: A Consumer Guide.”
Will there be a casket available at the time of need?
We keep an adequate supply of inventory at all times, and we have contracted with shipping specialists to assure on-time delivery.
Can I order the casket or urn now and have it delivered when I need it?
Abbey Caskets offers the option to prepay for your Abbey Casket. If you’re considering an Abbey Casket, please click here to fill out a Pre-funded Casket Purchase Worksheet, and we’ll send you a contract to sign and return to complete the purchase.
The cremation urns can also be purchased in advance, but you must take possession of the urn at the time of purchase.
Are there any regulations regarding the use of an Abbey Casket?
Federal regulations allow families to provide any casket they wish for their deceased loved one. Because other funeral and cemetery regulations vary from state to state, please consult with your local funeral director or cemetery director regarding specific regulations that may affect your use of an Abbey Casket. Request a free booklet, “Funerals: A Consumer Guide.”