The loss of a loved one brings a chaos of emotion. Not only are you mourning your loss you are trying to plan and prepare for a visitation, funeral or a life celebration. And there are more decisions to make than you may realize.

The casket is one small part of the funeral, but it can be one of the biggest expenses if you don’t realize you have options.

Funeral homes have a large variety of caskets to choose from. Before you are taken into the casket showroom, or before you even start discussing caskets, the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule requires that the funeral director show you a list of the caskets available through the funeral home, including descriptions and prices.

If you’ve been shown only the higher priced caskets, ask to see the lower priced caskets, which may not even be on display.

Typically, caskets are constructed of metal, wood, fiberboard, fiberglass and plastic. Recently, more companies have begun developing caskets from natural materials such as willow, seagrass and bamboo.

You also have the option to choose a casket company that supplies caskets directly to families, such as Abbey Caskets.

Abbey Caskets keeps all of our models in stock and available for immediate delivery. You can call and place the order at the time of need and the casket will be shipped directly to the funeral home of your choice. The Funeral Rule requires that the funeral home accept any casket you choose and it cannot charge any additional fees for receiving or handling the casket.


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