End-of-Life Concerns: A Guide for Families

Juan was in his mid-thirties and sitting up in his hospital bed when I met him. His wife and mother were on either side, holding his hands and sobbing. His cardiologist paged for a chaplain, and I arrived to learn that Juan understood that he was dying and wanted to make arrangements to die at home. He was having trouble helping his wife and mother understand this, and the doctor asked me to help the family talk about what the end of Juan’s life would be like.


Over time, we moved from this scene of helplessness and grief to a scene of storytelling, laughter, and tears, and for Juan, a quiet and holy death. This is what Mother Teresa meant, in part, when she said, “The highest goal of human life is to die in the peace of God.” Part of that sense of peace is having closure with all of our relationships.


Facilitate the Process


Just as we believe that the Creator of all of us cares for us, so we are to care for one another. Sometimes care demands that we work toward curing the brokenness, but at some point, cure is no longer possible. Caring then becomes a matter of comfort—physical, emotional, and spiritual. Many people have the ability to sense when their bodies actively begin to die. If the dying person is able to sense this and talk about it, we can respond at the same level. It’s one way we care for those we love at this stage of their lives.


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